Come cozy up with us whether it’s under the northern lights in winter or the midnight sun in summer. Close to the Arctic Circle, life is different. To reflect our love of the north, we comb the Last Frontier and the Pacific Rim for items that resonate—from the hand made wooden boxes by Alaskan woodworkers and handcrafted jewelry representing our Nod to the North, to the time-honored work of Swedish weavers. We know you will find items fitting for your décor, gift-giving, or to serve as mementos of your visit with us. Our selection of handcrafted jewelry is representative of our Nod to the North. Artisans we represent work with fiber, glass, metal, antler, bone, paint, wood, and fur. Books by Alaskan writers include cookbooks, poetry, Alaskan history and landscape, and children’s books. Our prints and art cards reflect the diversity of life in the north from humor and wit of Ray Troll to the revered raven depicted in Connie Engelbrecht’s tiles, and Inuit prints from the Canadian Northwest.

We love what our northern latitude offers and look forward to sharing with you.