Tasmanian Honey Company

First Friday Event

Specialty Foods Friday October 4, 2013 5-8 pm

photo (92)Join us for the debut of our 2013 Collection of Specialty Foods. Choose from a wide selection of pastas, sauces, oils, vinegars, olives, pickles, crackers, cookies, crackers, chocolate and much more. We’ll be able to answer questions, provide serving suggestions, and you’ll be able to taste selections from the collection.

Sweets for the Sweet

?14 December 2011?? We know you can get good fireweed honey here in Alaska, but we went for Fancy Grade and chose Leatherwood and French Lavender honey from Tasmania, Australia.? What makes this honey so special?? Plenty.? Take the fact that Leatherwood grows in the rainforest on a remote island-latitude 42 degrees South—the Roaring Forties circumpolar winds swoop through and moisten the area with southern rain.? The trees bloom from January to March, and the bees are busy.? Leatherwood honey is truly the “distillate of a magic place.”? Couple that with the fact that the Tasmanian Honey Company uses a low temperature preparation technique in extracting honey from combs.? This preserves both the floral essences and the innate vitality of the honey.? It has a buttery and spreadable texture at room temperature whereas other brands use high temperatures to delay the crystallizing process.? Both of our Tasmanian honeys are organic, rare and delicious, indeed.? Liquid gold!?

?Aloha from Oregon got its start on an island, too.? The company began as a home based business in Hawaii and has, from its beginnings, focused on high quality and great attention to detail.? We chose several pepper jellies for our specialty food collection this year.? Many of them are useful as glazes.? Apricot is a great glaze for chicken or ham, or even slather it on your morning toast.? Cranberry provides a wonderful glaze for poultry or a sparkle for a turkey sandwich.? Habanero is HOT!? It is best used as a final glaze when grilling meat.? Mint Jalapeno is a sensation with lamb or chicken and is great to use in Greek recipes.? Marionberry, the treasure of the Northwest, is great on ham and poultry or with cream cheese and crackers.

Gift Idea Number Fourteen😕 The grill king or queen would do well to have a number of Aloha flavors to finish off a masterpiece or two.? Pair them up with our “Santa Stops in Fairbanks First” cocktail napkins and?some cream cheese. You have a great start for an evening of fun with friends.? Or purchase 3 – 4 pepper jellies and present them in an Itty Bitty Cloth bag.? Pair some Tasmanian Leatherwood or French Lavender honey with some special bread from Lulu’s Bakery. Oooh, what a treat!