Made in Italy

First Friday Event

Specialty Foods Friday October 4, 2013 5-8 pm

photo (92)Join us for the debut of our 2013 Collection of Specialty Foods. Choose from a wide selection of pastas, sauces, oils, vinegars, olives, pickles, crackers, cookies, crackers, chocolate and much more. We’ll be able to answer questions, provide serving suggestions, and you’ll be able to taste selections from the collection.

Introduction to Specialty Foods

1 December 2011 For the next several days during the Alyeska 21 Days of Solstice, I’m?writing about some of the marvelous specialty foods you’ll find in the 2011 Collection at If Only.? Each product is carefully chosen–for flavor, ingredients, high quality, ease of use, and beauty.? Our foods?are attractive and giftable; many have special qualities?such as kosher certified, organic, and/or gluten free.? You can purchase a great gift that is reasonably priced, extraordinary, and consumable and you literally have hundreds of items from which to choose at If Only.? Our staff is happy to assist you.? And my upcoming posts here will give you some great information and ideas for this holiday season.? Enjoy!

Our Italian pastas provide delightful color to a meal; they’re made from old family recipes with durum wheat semolina, fresh ingredients, and all natural colors including spinach, tumeric, paprika, squid ink (How else would you make black pasta?), and celery.? The colors are vibrant and festive; they will set a dish of pasta apart from all others.? We?selected three shapes this season: Pasta Reginelle, which is long and slender, Farfalline is bow shaped, and Fusilloni, ?a twisted pasta in six vibrant colors!? Choose your?pasta sauce, top off with some freshly grated parmesan and you’ll have an outstanding main course prepared?with ease.

Gift Idea Number One😕 pair pasta with sauce or some of our fabulous Extra Virgin Olive Oils and put them in an Itty Bitty?Tote.? You have just created a fabulous gift – ready to give!