First Friday Event

Of Letters & Lettering Friday February 5, 5-8 pm

IMG_3398Join us as we celebrate writing! Rebecca Morse will demonstrate calligraphic writing and penmanship tips. Attendees can try out a variety of pens, inks, and papers. We’ll introduce a walnut drawing ink and new writing books plus we’ll kick off a Fabulous February Pen Sale with 40% off selected in-stock pens.

Pens and Inks

Beauty, quality, style, and cost are all important factors to us as we choose our pens and ink. We like to write with a pen that feels good in our hands and is pleasing to the eye. From titanium to lacquers and acrylics, we have the color and style to fit your lifestyle. We feature quality pens in a huge price range from the precision-made functional Lamy, to the Italian made Aurora pens as well as Monteverde, and Retro 51. Calligraphy pens? Yes, we have them with varying point sizes made by Brause and Lamy.

Fountain pen ink, calligraphy and drawing ink come in rich colors to express subtleties in mood and passion. We carry Herbin, Lamy and Aurora ink in bottles and cartridges, and Aladine calligraphy ink in bottles. We carry a variety of papers to compliment our inks and pens. (See Journals section for more information).

Personal Service

We love to introduce people to the joy of pens and inks. That means we work with you to find the pen best suited to your hand, penmanship, and individual style. We’re here to provide inspiration whether you are a seasoned pen aficionado or a first timer 8 year old. Hands-on is what pens are all about, so we encourage you to test drive our fountain pens, roller balls, jell pens and ballpoints. Call or e-mail us for an appointment, and we will provide you with individualized service and undivided attention. Whether you are choosing a pen for yourself or a friend or are interested in corporate gift giving, we have the information and expertise to assist you in making informed and admired choices.