?5 December 2011??? Hotlips Soda is a small family-owned business in Oregon.? They’ve been bottling up some of the finest Oregon fruits since 2005.? Hotlips Blackberry Soda is made from Chester blackberries grown in Gaston, Oregon, on Ayers Creek Farm.? Chesters ripen later in the season and their flavor intensifies with cool nights.? The result, a rush in your mouth when you taste this sensational, pulpy drink!? The flavor of each bottle varies from batch to batch depending on the time of harvest.? Blackberry is exceptional paired with vanilla ice cream and for an extra kick, add a little vodka.

Hotlips Cranberry Soda is light, bright and clear with an enormous complex flavor complete with hints of citrus and vanilla.? It is great as a cocktail mixer, delicious with champagne, and it pairs well with meats and strong cheese.? Both sodas are lightly carbonated and are unlike anything you’ve ever tasted.? And, a little goes a long way.? These sodas pack a rich, natural punch.? We’re pleased that Hotlips Soda is supporting a farm that practices organic field management and that the business is dedicated to sustainability.?

Gift Idea Number Five😕 Pair up a bottle of each and wrap them in our Santa Stops in Fairbanks First? custom towel for a festive holiday gift, or dress?up a bottle with one of our felted gnome bottle toppers.