First Friday Event

Introduction of our 2016 Collection of Specialty Foods, October 7, 5-8 pm

IMG_3502Join us First Friday as we introduce our 2016 Collection of Specialty Foods. Dried fruits, sauces, spices, oils & vinegars, flatbread, cookies & crackers, and chocolate are only a few of the curated selections that await you this year. We’ll have some items to sample and there will be a door prize drawing. This is a great opportunity to check out items for holiday gifting and entertaining.

First Friday Event

2015 Specialty Foods Introduction, Oct. 2, 5-8 pm

IMG_3141Join us First Friday for the introduction of our 2015 Collection of Specialty Foods. From pastas and sauces to chocolates, mustards, figs, lemon curd, and spices. We take cooking to the next level with our curated selection. Throughout the season you’ll have a chance to sample some of our delicacies and talk with us to get ideas for incorporating our choices into your cuisine. We’ve filled the larder to inspire great dishes and gift-giving ideas.

First Friday Signature Event

2014 Specialty Foods Collection October 3, 5-8 pm

IMG_2281Join us First Friday for the introduction of our 2014 Collection of Specialty Foods. You’ll be amazed by the oils, vinegars, mustards, appetizer and tapas selections, chocolates, pastas, bread dips, sauces, and more. We’ll have samples to taste. An If Only Signature Event!

First Friday Event

Specialty Foods Friday October 4, 2013 5-8 pm

photo (92)Join us for the debut of our 2013 Collection of Specialty Foods. Choose from a wide selection of pastas, sauces, oils, vinegars, olives, pickles, crackers, cookies, crackers, chocolate and much more. We’ll be able to answer questions, provide serving suggestions, and you’ll be able to taste selections from the collection.

Ordinary Cracker? NOT!

?17 December 2011?? Sometimes you have to go a far distance to get something wonderful.? It?s a bit of a jaunt to get to the Polka Dot Bake Shop from here.? They serve up some delicious cupcakes and such in Charlotte,North Carolina.? So we?ve done the next best thing— bring their amazing Cracked Pepper Sweet Potato Crackers to Fairbanks!? Made in small batches with real sweet potatoes, they are seasoned with savory ingredients to provide a unique taste.? Plus, they?re gluten free!? So come on in and get some for serving at your holiday parties.? They are great by themselves or with hummus, soups, or salmon.?? We speak from experience.

?Gift Idea Number Seventeen😕 Pair a box or two of Sweet Potato Crackers with some of our Rill Soups for a healthy, hearty twist on holiday giving and receiving.


Pilot Bread Perfected?

7 December 2011? Whitney Lamy of Castleton, Vermont, has perfected all natural, handmade, handcracked crackers that hark back to the day when Josiah Bent decided to make a lighter, thinner version of Hardtack, a staple of soldiers and seafarers.? After learning from that history, she set about mixing, rolling, and cracking by hand thin sheets of pastry.? The result— a superlative cracker with varieties named after Vermont towns.? (Is she aspiring to 237?? That’s a heap ‘o varieties just like it’s a heap ‘o towns nestled between the hills in that small state).? Florence Fabricant, reviewing Castleton Crackers for the New York Times (Feb. 16, 2011), states:?? they are “sturdy enough for spreading and dipping but flaky enough for nibbling.”

Of the current five varieties of crackers offered, we chose three for our Specialty Foods Collection this year.? Rutland Rye compliments most cheese (best with Vermont cheeses, of course!), and it’s great dipped in hummus or served beside a homemade Lentil Soup.? Putney Pumpkin includes dried cranberries and thyme in its ingredients.? This cracker is great with a good blue cheese, or served with corn chowder or with afternoon tea.? Richmond Rosemary exudes the fresh taste of rosemary and is complimented by crunchy cornmeal.? This cracker is perfect with goat cheese.? Whitney has several recipes posted on her website; check them out at

Gift Idea Number Seven😕 Pair these Castleton Crackers with a Rill Soup mix and wrap them up with a bowl from our Japanese pottery corner, perfect.?