Vera Bradley Baby

Launches March 14th at 10 AM

Imagine outfitting a new baby girl in Vera Bradley color! Beginning on March 14th, you’ll be able to select baby bags, accessories, shoes, blankets, and clothing and much more. Summer Vera Bradley baby is available in Tutti Frutti which features pastel paisley in hues of candy pink, mint green, butter yellow and vanilla white accented with dark chocolate and a dash of citrus and Lilli Bell, a trendy garden of Bellflowers in shades of orange and pink climbing a fresh green vine.

Gifts for Little Ones

The children’s area of the store is newly revamped.  A new baby deserves the softest of blankets, and we have them in subtle colors from Little Giraffe.  Soft silk pillows are sure to soothe a baby’s cry, and small blankies round out the Little Giraffe selection. We carry baby bags as well as colorful toys designed to intrigue and entertain infants.

A large selection of board books complements shelves of stuffed animals and toys for babies and toddlers.


Older children and adults alike love our puppets.  From seals and dogs to stage puppets, they come to life in your hands and develop their own personalities.