Consider your journey and all it entails. When you head for the wilderness, take along some pocket notebooks—at least one for observations and one for musings. You can pack your composition notebooks safely in a backpack for later use by your favorite fishing hole. Headed for the White Mountains or the Yukon River?   You might want your Moleskine or Paper Blanks journal along for the ride. Or you may just need some paper for the office,or home. We carry Clairfontaine, Rhodia as well as paper by Papaya and composition books made in the USA by Michael Roger.

Need a refillable journal? Brendan and Becca Smith combine their artistry in leather and pewter in their Oberon journals from California.  The refills are useable for sketching as well as writing. The luxurious leathers and warm ivory-toned fine paper of Graphic Image provide allure and a positively delightful experience in writing as well as the option to purchase refills. Both types of journals are investments in a lifetime of writing; they are available in varied sizes and colors.

Plus, we source from our local Northwoods Bookarts Guild members to bring you one-of-a-kind handmade journals and paper art from Fairbanks’ artists Constance Stricks and Ashley Thayer.