We bring you practicality and style with our wide selection of Vera Bradley and baggallini handbags, luggage, and travel accessories. Vera Bradley patterns, solids and leather collections will keep you organized and on trend. The softness and durability of the fabrics lend themselves to Fairbanks’ harsh winters. Vera Bradley’s use of color brightens even our darkest days. Baggallini is a traveler’s dream, with organizational features built into the design. Both Vera Bradley and baggallini offer several styles and sizes of luggage as well as a wide array of travel accessories including pill cases, organizers, cosmetic bags, currency wallets and passport covers.

You will also find a wide variety of zipper bags, wallets, and accessories ideal for the backpacker or person who wants to pack a lot in a small amount of space. We carry waterproof ditty bags as well as Alaskan made leather shave kits.