The store front in Summer

Everything about us says Welcome, from Martha greeting you on the street before you open the door to the glass icicles and globes hanging in the front windows. You breathe in the earthy fragrance of our natural diffusers and let your eyes rest on a wall of Asian dishes with botanical themes. Welcome. Welcome to If Only…a fine store where you can bask in the aura of warmth and inspiration.

Five friends drinking coffee on a cold dark winter night in 1998 came up with the idea of the store. The idea percolated. Aptly named If Only…a fine store, the name emerged from our discussions of Fairbanks’ commerce from a woman’s perspective. If Only we could go into a store and choose from beautiful tasteful offerings. If Only we had a fun place to shop where there is always a surprise! If Only we could walk downtown and pick up a great gift for a good friend. ¬†We secured space downtown because we all wanted to make a contribution to a vibrant downtown. We wanted to be where history informs the present and we can participate fully in our community.

When we first opened in May of 1998, the store was a fraction of its current size. The five of us pooled our collective imaginations and resources. Family and friends volunteered to assist in whatever way they could. We scavenged recycle platforms at transfer sites for fixtures that we could paint and repurpose to suit our needs. Well, the rest is history. Nineteen years later, here we are, three retired, two still standing , still bringing you the best in an eclectic mix of products.. We aim to put a smile on your face and a fabulous find in your hands. Come on in; you’ll be glad you did!