Imagine yourself competent in the arctic wild, trusting your tools to get the job done. Whether you’re filleting a trout for your evening meal at Birch Lake or preparing a salmon for the backyard grill, you need the proper knife for accuracy. Marttiini knives are made in Finnish Lapland; they are crafted for life in the harsh arctic. Anglers and cooks alike enjoy these knives as they cut meat from bones with precision with their extraordinarily sharp and flexible blades. The blade follows the contours of a fish perfectly. Marttiini hunting knives are resilient on the trap line or moose hunt. And a Marttini folding pocket knife in curly birch is sure to become your new best friend.

This year is Marttini’s 90th anniversary. 2018 is our first year to carry a wide selection of these knives we’ve become passionate about.