As we enter the holiday season, I am reminded over and over again of small wonders. Geese preparing for migration, rime ice forming on the trees around the Chena, a child’s laughter, and a stranger’s gesture of kindness.

In the store you can see small wonders everywhere you turn: the sparkle of candles; a story of friendship between a fox and hare, instructive for the holiday season and beyond; ideas for setting your own décor for the holiday season; artisanal foods and candies sure to delight. If you’ve noticed my holiday attire, you’ve seen that I’m playing my part as a northern princess in my ethereal blue and silver. Nothing fancy, most of my outfit is fashioned from packing material, but see how I shine! I hope each of you take time this holiday season to slow down, set your intention on noticing each small wonder as it comes your way. By the end of December, you’ll have a notebook full of small wonders, which will help you retain gratitude and the wonder of the season into 2018.