Around this time of year, I’m thinking of how change creeps up on us. It was nineteen years ago almost to the day when I first began my Cushman Street watch, announcing each day that the store is open and ready for business. Since that time downtown has seen many changes. We now have a variety of venues for gathering with friends, a lovely riverwalk, FairBikes conveniently located in places where we can hop on and off at leisure, the Morris Thompson Center full of information, world class exhibits and friendly people, as well as great places to shop including galleries and gift shops.

What’s at the core, though, is that fine value of making a place home. In the nineteen years I’ve been around, I think we’ve worked to make downtown Fairbanks more our home. As the birch trees leaf out on Cushman Street and the world becomes green, I hope you’ll think back on the changes and embrace your hometown downtown and community. Fairbanks is a great place to call home and we’re happy to share it with our visitors all year around!