IMG_2507 (1)This is a special time of year when we think more about others.  I’d like to think we should make it a practice year around.  Secret Santas leave gifts on office desks when you’re least expecting someone to walk by.  A box appears on the front porch.  It is a UPS delivery from far away.  The light on the answering machine blinks bright red in the dark of December when we make our way home in the evening.  It’s a message from someone dear who thought to call.  Surprise and surprise.  Strangers smile and say hello as they pass on the street or in the grocery.  We let ourselves chuckle aloud over something we find humorous.  We find it easier somehow to be generous.  This is the season of anticipation.  I always look forward to this time of year because I get to see so many friends as they come into the store.  I enjoy overhearing their laughter as they talk and enjoy each other’s company.  When the early afternoon is dusky with snowflakes falling as it was this afternoon, a hush comes on Cushman.  It is almost sacred.  And as dusk turns to darkness, I see the tree light up in front of City Hall.  Yes, it is a magical time of year!  Soon I will listen for the click of reindeer hooves on the sidewalk as we head toward solstice.  And all will be still again with lights twinkling.  I send smiles and laughter and thoughts of generosity to all.