Teased by daylight, barraged with snow, we need an infusion of lightness, humor and laughter. So, as the snow continues to melt, everything is exposed. We need pretty. Looking ahead, we have lots coming up—graduations, teacher recognitions, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, transition from indoors to out of the house. Friends, family, and visitors arrive. Whether you are looking for a vehicle for your written word, a hand-selected card that expresses your pride or appreciation, a welcoming local product for a weary traveler, or a special olive oil that will send summer salad over the top, you will find it at If Only…a fine store.

While you’ve been shoveling snow and dreaming of sunshine, we have earnestly filled the If Only larder with Spring and Summer. Your task is to walk in the door so you can choose special gifts for special people to recognize the milestones in their lives.