IMG_2238At this time of year, the store changes.  It is a noticeable change.  From a focus on summer’s warmth in previous months when we have our entry door open, we’ve now transitioned to scarves and gloves and our shelves are filling with specialty food items that will warm our tables during the next few months.  The flower beds outside are bare.  The windows cleaned.  At home it is time to change up the wardrobe, get out the thicker blankets, drag out the survival gear tote for the car or truck, find the pesky window scraper, reach for the lone boot in the dark corner of the closet.  But in all of this, remember to look up to the heavens in gratitude, enjoying the company of the early northern lights and the glow of bright stars.  Remember the warmth in the hearts of our friends and neighbors.  Take time to tell a story, have a cup of tea, share a moment with a friend, show someone you care.  Here at If Only we are all excited about the upcoming season.  We love the new products and displays.  We want you to enjoy them too, so come on by.  Soon and often.  And yes, Be Warm!