LambIf March comes in like a lion, it’ll go out like a lamb.  Conversely, if March comes in like a lamb, it’ll go out like a lion.  I first heard this expression in grade school.  Over the years, I’ve come to realize that this saying is more of a rhyme than a weather-predictor.  The Farmer’s Almanac concurs but contends that March tends to be a changeable month.  We can hope that if the month starts off stormy it will end warm and sunny.  This year in Fairbanks, we would hope that March will end the way it began, sunny and not too cold.  Of course in between we can hope for some delightful spring snow to cheer the athletes in the Arctic Winter Games and those of us who love to get out on the river for some spring skiing.  And let’s not forget those sprint dogs that are training right now for the North American Open.  We’re just a few short weeks away from all that spring frenzy.  We’re getting plenty of light which lightens our hearts and reminds us of why we put up with the darkness of the last few months.

I am itching for spring.  For me that means passing on what I don’t need, cleaning, culling the clutter, and getting a fresh vision for life.  You’ll see that evidence inside the store.  Fixtures have moved, greeting cards have a facelift, new shelves flank the fireplace.  There are changes every day as the staff prepares for spring and all the visitors coming by this month.  I invite you to come visit soon to take it all in and check out some fine new products.