What a glorious summer we’ve had!  Not long ago I strolled around town noticing all the beautiful flowers and the cabbages growing fat.  Yep, I knew summer was coming to an end, and I couldn’t help snapping some pics of some of my favorite places.  These photos were taken over by the cabin at the Morris Thompson Cultural and Visitors Center.  The gardens there showcase gardens as in the early days of the 20th century here in Fairbanks.  Truly a delight.  I want to thank everyone who planted and watered and weeded all summer long.  It takes a lot of effort to keep gardens flourishing under the midnight sun.  It also takes effort to keep the  weeds at bay.  The Festival Fairbanks crew and countless businesses and homeowners and renters all helped to make downtown beautiful.  And of course, you know that we had our first frost on Sunday morning.  A late one for sure.  I hope you stored up good memories like I did to last all winter long!

So now that fish and meat are in the freezer and the fall chores are almost done, it’s time to think about concerts, plays and all the festivities that consume our lives during that other   time of the year.  Do put on your list to come in to the shop regularly so you  can take in the daily changes.  Our loads of freight at this time of year are staggering–full of hand picked finds we know you’ll love.  Take advantage of our 10 to 7 hours this week since we pull back to 6pm beginning October 1st.  And be sure to calendar our October Frist Friday.  The specialty food is beyond anything we’ve ever done before.   I look forward to seeing you!