In Fairbanks, nesting is especially important for comfort during long dark winters. We craft our surroundings to speak our language, reflect light and warmth, and allow us to bask in strains of our favorite music-whether it be Bruce Springsteen vinyls, a live stream of KUAC or alternatives downloaded to a phone. Whatever your take–a rustic wood-heated cabin to new digs on the hill, we have added bonus for your nest. Brew up a little herbal tea in a Japanese teapot and pour it into a mug hand-etched by an Alaskan artist. Wrap up in a comfy throw after a luxurious bath.  It’s your next best friend while watching the latest favorite Netflix. Take a turn in the kitchen washing dishes with natural detergent and dry them with a towel that speaks of generations of weavers and the northern life you call your own. Light candles scent-inspired by our national parks, including Denali. Taste cranberries. Be nuzzled by your love from the pound. The nest is all about enlivening your senses, and we’re here to help. Really.