There’s been alot of discussion recently about air quality and regulations.  The issue is complicated, to be sure.  Some people side on keeping warm no matter what, other people side on what they think is best for the environment.  Regulations don’t come easy, especially with a citizenry that values independence and the Alaskan spirit.  I’m not too political, although I have my opinions you can bet on that.  Right now, I’m just making an observation.

You remember my fabulous Snow Princess outfit I wore during the holidays?  I loved every minute of the wearing of it and loved to see the smiles on folks’ faces as they passed by.  Well, my hair was festooned out with the white sparkly stuff I’m wearing now.  But as December rolled on, my hair turned grayer and grayer.  No, my dears, it wasn’t because I’m aging.  My gray hair was caused by pollution–no doubt about it.  So, when I got my January makeover, my hair was reset.  Yipee!  Unfortunately, our lungs don’t get the opportunity to reset.  Remember my hair the next time you see haze over the city or hear that the particulate levels are high.  Think about your lungs.  Figure it out for all of us, please.