I’m jazzed way up!  This afternoon I was standing out here letting the snow mount up on my cape when my tailor came by for a fitting.  Yup, ya know when ya work on the street like I do, that fitting had to take place  right in front of God and everyone flying by on Cushman!  It was like trying on clothes in Filene’s Bargain Basement in ol’ Beantown.  But most Fairbanks gals don’t know about that.  What’s all the hype?  Well, I’m getting ready for Holiday and my dress this year will be one of the finest I’ve ever donned to wish all of you Merry Merry.  Stay tuned!  It should be ready for me for Open House this weekend.

And speaking of tailor made, we have offerings that are tailor made for everyone on your holiday list.  Every hour the store changes as staff set displays for holiday.  Come by often for a visit to see what’s happening.