I just love a new do!  I watched as Courthouse Square received a makeover last month.  And what a great job those workers did.  Now, with the new paint and gleaming trim, the building is a shining star of what all of downtown could be like with a little TLC.  Ya know, ol’ Judge Wickersham built the first courthouse and federal jail right over there in 1904.  I’d like to think this paint job is a tribute to him in some way.  The current building was built in 1932 and from that time right up until 1977, US government offices and the federal court were located in the building.  Alaska wasn’t even a state for much of that time!  Law, if those walls could talk!

The other day, I looked over and thought I saw snow on the window sills.  Of course I didn’t–it was just the sun glinting off the new paint.  But that snow will catch up with us any day now, I’m sure of that.  Our autumn days here in the Interior are numbered.   Which means it’s time for you to make frequent stops to see what’s new in the store.  The staff tells me over a ton of freight is arriving each week.  That means displays and merchandise change daily.  Come on by and share in the fun!