its-springTired of winter, I’ve just decided to slather up on lotion and brave the  elements out here.  Yup, got my original short sleeved dress on ’cause I’m dreaming of summer flowers!  I’m thinking lupine and foxglove and the scent of apricot violas.  So much for the fantasy-the snowbanks are still high.

Some haiku might amuse you now.  I’m drawing from the book, Alaska in Haiku by David Hoopes & Diana Tillion:

Banners in the wind – Are drawn from the peaks.
The resting snows of winter

With spring come great new finds inside the store .  We have an Easter table full of warm and sunny surprises, new Vera Bradley selections, candles and scents galore and weekly arrivals of Made in Alaska products.  Come by for a visit soon!