You can’t beat Fairbanks in March!  There’s so much going on, I’m musher-on-day-1-north-american-open-2009squealing with glee.  I can hear dogs barking all over the city because today was the first day of my favorite race, The Open North American.  Here’s a photo taken right here on Second Avenue about two hours ago.  If you’re not making the most of this weekend, you’d better get with the program.  Come by the store for the Vera  Bradley events tonight and tomorrow morning, attend the North American, go to the Art Expo, see the ice carvings at the Ice Park for the last weekend, drop by A Woman’s Affair, watch the freight dogs pull, hear Athabaskan Fiddlers at the David Salmon Tribal Hall, attend the Festival of Native Arts, WHOOOO HA, can’t get enough of  Fairbanks!