How heavenly to nest at this time of year!  For me nesting means getting all my reading material ready for the winter.  So, I was very happy to jog down to the Literacy Council of Alaska’s 35th birthday celebration last Saturday.  Their bookshelves were brimming with some great finds; I couldn’t help adding several books to my heap.  One find that I’ll be sharing with you from time to time is a little book published in the 1970s titled Alaska Haiku.  Here’s a sample from that book, a haiku by David Hoopes:

The shadow of trees-
My own shadow is moving
In the cold moonlight.

Because of the clear November full moon this month, this particular piece resonated with me.

Nesting brings out other desires in me as well.  Before winter settles in good and hard, like it is right now, I make sure I’m well stocked with maple syrup.  I’m not talking about syrup laced with corn syrup, but the 100% Pure Maple variety-the kind made from sap that drips slowly from Sugar Maple trees tapped over in Vermont.  The sap is boiled down to lovely amber sweetness that is great on pancakes.  It’s also a wonderful alternative to cane sugar for wholesome goodness.  Inside the store, we have some of the best syrup around, made by none other than Rebecca’s cousin, Burr, over there in Vermont.  Burr’s family’s been sugaring for 8 generations so he knows a thing or two about how it’s done.  My advice to you is to get in and get you a quart for the winter.  If you want to know about sugaring and all about how it gets from tree to syrup jug, you can ask Rebecca.  She knows a bit about it, too.  You can, for sure, slather it on your pancakes in the morning, but I’m banking that if you use it making baked beans, you’ll have a whole pot full of comfort food that will last you through a heap of cold weather.  It’s great stuff!  And we have more wonderful treats in the store for you than I can mention here.  You’ll want to come by often to check out your many choices during this holiday season and beyond into the depths of winter.