All around me the leaves are turning gold.  In the evening, the dirty sock smell of High Bush Cranberries wafts up the street.  In spite of the stink of those bushes, I love seeing them turn red.  I breathe deep and enjoy every minute of the fleeting fall season here in Fairbanks.  My flower gardens are still magnificent despite a few cool nights.  They are a different kind of gold-like gold coins carried in your pocket.  And as the sun rays cool a bit and are themselves transparent gold, they are like silken water running through your fingers. Ahhh.  Next time I may try my hand at poetry.

Inside the store, there is a different kind of golden glow.  New products are arriving daily from the August market trip.  Geo and R. have chosen items you can’t get anywhere else.  For you, that means gold of all types.  Gold to give, gold to keep.  So come by often to see what’s in store for you!