Rain, rain, and more rain!  Despite my soggy predicament, I am eternally grateful for the flowers that surround me as I greet everyone on the street.  All summer our fine Sales Associate, Ali, has tended the flowers diligently through wind, rain, sleet and sunshine, and her work has paid off!  I’m watching Sweet Alyssum cascade over the tops of the beds and down to the sidewalk.  The pansies give splashes of bright color amid the green of leaves.  But, oh my, have I waited patiently for the Lupine and Foxglove plants to flower! First, the Lupine with its succulent pouches of azure and pink-that pink far more vivid than alpenglow.  Then, the Foxglove, by far my favorite of all flowers, bursts forth like bells from a cathedral spire.  And I smile, giving no attention to the rain.  You’ll smile, too, if you drop by the store.  Outside you can admire the flowers with me; inside, you’ll find the fall fabrics and styles of Vera Bradley, marvelous notepaper, and special items for those of you heading back to school.  And of course, much much more!