My new dress is vibrant, crisp and clean. My makeover last week was like a trip to the spa. While the primer dried, I caught up on some reading. If you haven’t seen the May 12th edition of The New Yorker, you’ll want to swing by the public library and put a copy in your hands. Writer Alex Ross captured his interview with John Luther Adams magnificently. Adams is a composer and the creator of Naalagiagvik, The Place Where You Go to Listen, a sound and light installation at the Museum of the North. One of my all time favorite exhibits, it ranks right up there with Chuck Close at the Hirschhorn. There are few things that can inspire such a profound appreciation of infinite creative forces, and we are honored to have both John and this installation right here in Fairbanks. Naalagiagvik should be on the list of places you frequent because the light and sound are always changing. No two visits are ever alike. The same could be said for your visits to If Only Be sure to come on downtown and take a look at my brand spankin new dress. Im proud of it, hear?