Peek Inside

Alaska Made

We comb the Last Frontier to find hand crafted items fitting for your decor, gift-giving, or mementos of your visit with us. You will always find items in our store that are truly Made in Alaska. Currently we have over 30 artisans represented who work with fiber, glass, metal, antler, bone, paint, wood, and fur. Our selection of books by Alaskan writers includes cookbooks, memoirs, and children’s books. Prints and art cards at If Only…a fine store reflect the diversity of the Alaskan experience from the humor and wit of Ray Troll and Evon Zerbetz to the revered raven depicted in F. Girard’s Fine Art Block Prints.


Signature events are part of the magic that happens throughout the year at If Only.   We celebrate light in all forms whether it be the full light of Summer Solstice, the low light of Winter Solstice, the Northern Lights in their brilliance above our heads or the twinkling lights on Christmas greenery and candles at Festival of Lights. Through our Signature Events we provide an opportunity for friends to gather in an ambience of fun, celebration, and entertainment. Join us!

To Nest

In Fairbanks, nesting is especially important for comfort during long dark winters. We craft our surroundings to speak our language, reflect light and warmth, and allow us to bask in strains of our favorite music-whether it be Bruce Springsteen vinyls, a CD of last Sunday’s symphony concert or alternatives downloaded to an iPod. Whatever your take-a rustic wood-heated cabin to new digs on Chena Ridge we have added bonus for your nest. Brew up a little herbal tea in a Japanese tea pot and pour it into an English bird mug, wrap up in a comfy throw after a luxurious bath, read a little adventure under the soft light of a glass lamp, glance outside to see why that junkyard dog isn’t barking. Take a turn in the kitchen washing dishes with natural detergent and dry them with a towel that speaks of generations of weavers and the northern life you call your own. Light candles. Taste cranberries. The nest is all about you, and we’re here to help you express yourself. Really.

Handcrafted Jewelry

bashara-1-2009Our wide array of jewelry represents the artistic component of our exquisite findings. Browse our displays for styles that resonate personality and individuality. We offer works by more than twenty artisans at any given time.  Chosen for shape, color and texture, river rocks enhance the remarkable silver artistry of Rebecca Bashara depicted in the photo at the right.


Vera Bradley

IMG_4194Feast your eyes on beautiful fabrics of Vera Bradley purses, totes, luggage, and accessories! We are a Gold Status Vera Bradley vendor and carry a variety of styles and fabrics to fit your busy lifestyle. Comfortable and lightweight, Vera Bradley helps you step out in confidence and style. We offer new introductions of styles and colors several times a year.

We also carry a selection of Vera Bradley luggage including 22″ and 27″spinners in Black and Cha-Cha Blue as well as On a Roll Work Bag.  Vera Bradley luggage is full of fine features and built with practicality and function in mind.  We also carry Small and Large Hardside Spinners that have TSA Compliant built-in locks.  And remember, we can special order any piece we don’t have in stock.


Pens and Inks

Beauty, quality, style, and cost are all important factors to us as we choose our pens and ink. We like to write with a pen that feels good in our hands and is pleasing to the eye. From titanium to lacquers and acrylics, we have the color and style to fit your lifestyle. We feature quality pens in a huge price range from the precision-made functional Lamy, to the Italian made Aurora pens as well as Monteverde, and Retro 51. Calligraphy pens? Yes, we have them with varying point sizes made by Brause and Lamy.

Fountain pen ink, calligraphy and drawing ink come in rich colors to express subtleties in mood and passion. We carry Herbin, Lamy and Aurora ink in bottles and cartridges, and Aladine calligraphy ink in bottles. We carry a variety of papers to compliment our inks and pens. (See Journals section for more information).

Personal Service

We love to introduce people to the joy of pens and inks. That means we work with you to find the pen best suited to your hand, penmanship, and individual style. We’re here to provide inspiration whether you are a seasoned pen aficionado or a first timer 8 year old. Hands-on is what pens are all about, so we encourage you to test drive our fountain pens, roller balls, jell pens and ballpoints. Call or e-mail us for an appointment, and we will provide you with individualized service and undivided attention. Whether you are choosing a pen for yourself or a friend or are interested in corporate gift giving, we have the information and expertise to assist you in making informed and admired choices.

Journals, Notebooks and Paper

An extensive selection of journals awaits you at the store. From those hand crafted in the United States to some of the finest in European paper. Brendan and Becca Smith combine their artistry in leather and pewter in Oberon journals.  The journals are suited for writing with a fine fountain pen or for an artist’s touch with watercolor washes, pencil, charcoal or pastels. The luxurious leathers and warm ivory-toned fine paper of Graphic Image provide allure and a positively delightful experience in writing. We also carry Moleskine, Cavallini, Paper Blanks, and Clairfontaine, Rhodia and Compendium notepads and notebooks to name just a few.

Cards, Stationery, and Wrap

Wrap2010We hand pick everything so you’ll find the most unique offerings available.  From beautiful to quietly humorous to milk-coming-out-of-your-nose funny, we have just the card for the occasion.  Correspondence notes, postcard books, stationery, Italian watermarked paper, it’s all here.  Wrapping paper is available by the sheet, roll, or paper pack for gift giving or arts and crafts projects.

Gifts for Little Ones

The children’s area of the store is newly revamped.  A new baby deserves the softest of blankets, and we have them in subtle colors from Little Giraffe.  Soft silk pillows are sure to soothe a baby’s cry, and small blankies round out the Little Giraffe selection. We carry baby bags as well as colorful toys designed to intrigue and entertain infants.

A large selection of board books complements shelves of stuffed animals and toys for babies and toddlers.


Older children and adults alike love our puppets.  From seals and dogs to stage puppets, they come to life in your hands and develop their own personalities.