Martha’s Diary

Small Wonders

IMG_4553As we enter the holiday season, I am reminded over and over again of small wonders. Geese preparing for migration, rime ice forming on the trees around the Chena, a child’s laughter, and a stranger’s gesture of kindness.

In the store you can see small wonders everywhere you turn: the sparkle of candles; a story of friendship between a fox and hare, instructive for the holiday IMG_4531season and beyond; ideas for setting your own décor for the holiday season; artisanal foods and candies sure to delight. If you’ve noticed my holiday attire, you’ve seen that I’m playing my part as a northern princess in my ethereal blue and silver. Nothing fancy, most of my outfit is fashioned from packing material, but see how I shine! I hope each of you take time this holiday season to slow down, set your intention on noticing each small wonder as it comes your way. By the end of December, you’ll have a notebook full of small wonders, which will help you retain gratitude and the wonder of the season into 2018.

May Memories

IMG_2241Around this time of year, I’m thinking of how change creeps up on us.  It was nineteen years ago almost to the day when I first began my Cushman Street watch, announcing each day that the store is open and ready for business.  Since that time downtown has seen many changes.  We now have a variety of venues for gathering with friends, a lovely riverwalk, FairBikes conveniently located in places where we can hop on and off at leisure, the Morris Thompson Center full of information, world class exhibits and friendly people, as well as great places to shop including galleries and gift shops.

What’s at the core, though, is that fine value of making a place home.  In the nineteen years I’ve been around, I think we’ve worked to make downtown Fairbanks more our home.  As the birch trees leaf out on Cushman Street and the world becomes green, I hope you’ll think back on the changes and embrace your hometown downtown and community.  Fairbanks is a great place to call home and we’re happy to share it with our visitors all year around!

Gather Round

IMG_3634On this mild November day, I am preparing to think of thanksgiving and peace. As the sun sinks lower on the horizon, I am reminded of how the light bends and falls at this time of year, of the glorious sunrises and sunsets, of the moon, edging ever so close to the earth in this, of all years. I am reminded of our continuing need to support each other, to allow wounds to heal, to be still, to listen. I hope you can take time out from all that is busy to tune in to what is around you, to offer kindness, to love and be loved.

As the seasons change, so does If Only. The staff enjoys preparing for this time of year and over the past week, they have transformed the store into a holiday delight. The items in the 2016 Holiday Collection will make you feel at home. I invite you in to our If Only home. It is created for you.

I’m Back!

IMG_3639It is a pleasure to stand once again on Cushman Street. The construction is finished and I’ve had a complete make-over as has the store sign. Our building is freshly painted and our flowers are flourishing. Be sure to be downtown for the Cushman Street Celebration on July 11th from 5-7 pm. There’ll be fun, food and music.  What? Did I hear someone say they are closing the street for this event? Lol my Facebook fans!

Down For the Count

IMG_3528You’ve probably missed me while I’m off the street for awhile. Yes, 18 years takes its toll when I’m subjected to the elements day in and day out. I’m getting a makeover and I’ll be back soon. In the meantime you can follow my progress on our Facebook page. And you’ll want to be sure to come by to make your Mother’s Day and graduation selections.  New products await you and as always our staff is ready and willing to assist. Remember I’m smiling, even though you can’t see me.

Think Spring

IMG_3369Everything is changing all around me. The bases of light poles are unobscured by dingy snow, sidewalks clear, and puddles abound. Yes, it’s breakup. Already pussywillows abound, there is talk of geese, Creamer’s Field is being cleared for the upcoming migration. We revel in this short season that soon bursts forth with green leaves and spring flowers. Inside the store, we’re ready to help you make the leap into spring. We’ve filled the store with ideas to pique your imagination and give you incentive to plunge into spring cleaning and spruce up your home decor. If you haven’t been in for awhile, it is time to make your way on back. We’ll be happy to see you.

I’m Back!

IMG_3250My, my, my. The Cushman Street project sure had its ups & downs. Once the sidewalk was poured, I was relegated to the arctic entryway as we needed to reposition the holes for my installation. Yesterday, that finally happened. I am sure glad to see cars headed toward the river once more. And it was great greeting all the First Friday revelers that came out last evening. We had a good time featuring the work of members of the Northwoods Book Arts Guild. If you missed it, you can still catch what’s left of the book selection and the display for the next few days. Elves will be working every night next week preparing the store for the introduction of our 2015 Holiday Collection. Shop early, shop often, shop with us! We’re here for you, Fairbanks!

A Word From the Street

IMG_3193The Cushman Street project continues. The electrical wires are being pulled today. Light poles are up, and curb work continues. There is a lot of action in front of the store, and Martha is inside, waiting for a bit more project completion outside before she is reinstalled to welcome everyone to the store. The big news for all you customers out there is that the cross streets are open again. Accessibility is greatly improved with the opening of Third and Fourth Avenues. You can get here, and you must!



A Happening Place

IMG_3038I’ve always enjoyed the diversion of construction, the clunk, clunk of the shovel, the laying of pipe, and all the colored markings on the sidewalk. This summer construction began here on the 19th of June and it will continue into fall.  IMG_3043
When it is completed, there will be new utilities underground, wider sidewalks, and a freshly paved street. These are some photos taken today from where I stand. I have a prime view, and I’m happy that I’ve been able to be out here overseeing it all this whole time. While Cushman Street is closed to traffic, the sidewalk on our side is open as are the cross streets. You can get to the store with little problem, and I want to encourage you to come by. We have some fabulous new products you will want to check out. You can’t get bistro tables like ours anywhere else! There is a great new handcrafted jewelry line from Minnesota, and well as all that is new for fall in the Vera Bradley area. School is coming right up, so this just may be the week to put If Only…a fine store on your shopping list!

Dogs on the Mark

IMG_1679With fresh snowfall, returning light and warm temperatures March excitement is heating up! I’ll sure miss the sound of the dogs in the Open North American this year as they’re staying in the back 40. We sure wouldn’t want any accidents on the river or slough. But I’ll be with them in spirit, just as I’ll be down near Pike’s in spirit on Monday the 9th watching those Iditarod dogs head out on their long springtime trek. We’re pleased as punch to have the Iditarod in town this year, only the second time in my lifetime! All of us here wish the teams safe traveling and good luck.

Be sure to get over to Ice Alaska where youngsters can have great fun interacting with the ice and learn along with their parents, friends, family members and classmates to appreciate the skill and expertise of carvers from all over the world. We are ever so fortunate for our March in Fairbanks!

And speaking of good fortune, don’t forget to come by the store. Several new lines of handcrafted jewelry await you as well as new home decor. The staff is eager to assist in making your shopping experience a delight.