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First Friday Event

Introduction of our 2016 Collection of Specialty Foods, October 7, 5-8 pm

IMG_3502Join us First Friday as we introduce our 2016 Collection of Specialty Foods. Dried fruits, sauces, spices, oils & vinegars, flatbread, cookies & crackers, and chocolate are only a few of the curated selections that await you this year. We’ll have some items to sample and there will be a door prize drawing. This is a great opportunity to check out items for holiday gifting and entertaining.

First Friday Event

2015 Specialty Foods Introduction, Oct. 2, 5-8 pm

IMG_3141Join us First Friday for the introduction of our 2015 Collection of Specialty Foods. From pastas and sauces to chocolates, mustards, figs, lemon curd, and spices. We take cooking to the next level with our curated selection. Throughout the season you’ll have a chance to sample some of our delicacies and talk with us to get ideas for incorporating our choices into your cuisine. We’ve filled the larder to inspire great dishes and gift-giving ideas.

First Friday Signature Event

2014 Specialty Foods Collection October 3, 5-8 pm

IMG_2281Join us First Friday for the introduction of our 2014 Collection of Specialty Foods. You’ll be amazed by the oils, vinegars, mustards, appetizer and tapas selections, chocolates, pastas, bread dips, sauces, and more. We’ll have samples to taste. An If Only Signature Event!

First Friday Event

Specialty Foods Friday October 4, 2013 5-8 pm

photo (92)Join us for the debut of our 2013 Collection of Specialty Foods. Choose from a wide selection of pastas, sauces, oils, vinegars, olives, pickles, crackers, cookies, crackers, chocolate and much more. We’ll be able to answer questions, provide serving suggestions, and you’ll be able to taste selections from the collection.


12 December 2011?? First of all, what’s great about Dave is that he’s a wild and crazy guy with a passion for heat and outstanding flavor.? He founded Dave’s Gourmet several years ago after debuting his Ultimate Insanity Hot Sauce.? Yikes, is it ever hot!? (And yes, we have it).? From there, he went on to develop award winning pasta sauces.? The secret to his success:? fresh specialty ingredients, unique flavors, and a slightly insane perspective.? Most of his products are organic, all are natural, gluten free, and contain no preservatives.? You won’t find anything at the grocery that compares with these sauces.

?Masala, award winner last year, is an innovative pasta sauce which pairs the western flavors of a classic marinara with the spices (masala), lime, and coconut flavors of the South Asian world.? The result is a superb sauce that wows everyone who tastes it.?? Butternut Squash Pasta Sauce is made with squash ripened in Oregon’s Willamette Valley.? Paired with fresh garlic, onions, and roasted red pepper, the natural sweetness and delicate flavor of the butternut squash is enhanced.? Spicy Heirloom Marinara will warm you on a cold Fairbanks night.? This organic sauce combines spicy red peppers and vine ripened heirloom tomatoes for a fine flavor and some bite.? It adds balance to pasta, pizza, chicken or fish.? Wild Mushroom Pasta Sauce is a mushroom lover’s dream!? It’s mostly mushrooms-wild porcini, buttery shiitake, and crimini with tomato sauce added. Extra hints of garlic, sage and sherry make for a perfect well-rounded flavor.? Awesome!

Gift Idea Number Twelve😕 Pair a pasta sauce with any one of our pastas or pair the Spicy Marinara with our pizza drizzle for the pizza lover in your life.? Want some real zing? Pair the Dave’s Spicy Marinara with our Pasta di Campofilone Chili Pepper Fettuccine. Delish!