First Friday Event

Of Water and Sky, Friday February 6, 5-8 pm

Join us First Friday as we feature the etched glass designs of Holly and Kristin at Raven Earth & Glass Work in Kasilof.  Seven designs from halibut and salmon to the sun.  We’re excited to introduce these intricate and lovely designs to Fairbanks.

Deep Freeze

IMG_2604Personally I love the cold weather.  There is a crispness to it.  Sound and air have different qualities about them.  Some say we’ve been blessed by a mild winter this year.  That means that when a cold snap hits us, it hits us harder.  We brace ourselves instead of easing into cold.  Now that we’ve had our taste of cold last week, doesn’t it seem delightful when the thermometer leans to the plus side?  And those negative numbers, they don’t seem numbing until we get into the -30s.  Ground hog day has come and gone.  There are 6 more weeks of winter whether we like it or not.  So let’s make the best of it.  Savor the return of the light.  Get outside.  Crisp is good.  And when you need to warm up, come on in to the store where there are fresh new products that await you.  You can take your coat off and stay awhile.

Read Martha's Diary

My Name is Martha

IMG_2504My name is Martha and I stand by the entrance of If Only…a fine store greeting everyone who enters and those who pass on the street or sidewalk.
I’m on the street during the hours the store is open, rain or shine, 90 degrees or 45 below zero.  I’ve become a Fairbanks icon!  In 2006, I received the Visitor Ambassador of the Year Golden Heart Award from the Fairbanks Downtown Association.  I see and hear a lot, and people from all over the world have their photo taken with me.

Compliments of If Only…

We aim to make shopping at If Only…a fine store a stellar experience. We provide complimentary packing and shipping at your request. You pay only the postage and insurance.

Upon your purchase of wrapping paper from our exquisite paper selections, we provide complimentary wrapping services and ribbon for your package.

We are happy to provide a private shopping experience for your club, organization, or office. Call us to schedule a time. We also provide personal service for weddings, special events, and information on pens and inks by special arrangement or appointment.