First Friday Event

2015 Specialty Foods Introduction, Oct. 2, 5-8 pm

IMG_3141Join us First Friday for the introduction of our 2015 Collection of Specialty Foods.  From pastas and sauces to chocolates, mustards, figs, lemon curd, and spices.  We take cooking to the next level with our curated selection.  Throughout the season you’ll have a chance to sample some of our delicacies and talk with us to get ideas for incorporating our choices into your cuisine.  We’ve filled the larder to inspire great dishes and gift-giving ideas.

A Happening Place

IMG_3038I’ve always enjoyed the diversion of construction, the clunk, clunk of the shovel, the laying of pipe, and all the colored markings on the sidewalk.  This summer construction began here on the 19th of June and it will continue into fall.   IMG_3043
When it is completed, there will be new utilities underground, wider sidewalks, and a freshly paved street.  These are some photos taken today from where I stand.  I have a prime view, and I’m happy that I’ve been able to be out here overseeing it all this whole time.  While Cushman Street is closed to traffic, the sidewalk on our side is open as are the cross streets.  You can get to the store with little problem, and I want to encourage you to come by.  We have some fabulous new products you will want to check out.  You can’t get bistro tables like ours anywhere else!  There is a great new handcrafted jewelry line from Minnesota, and well as all that is new for fall in the Vera Bradley area.  School is coming right up, so this just may be the week to put If Only…a fine store on your shopping list!

Read Martha's Diary

My Name is Martha

IMG_2504My name is Martha and I stand by the entrance of If Only…a fine store greeting everyone who enters and those who pass on the street or sidewalk.
I’m on the street during the hours the store is open, rain or shine, 90 degrees or 45 below zero.  I’ve become a Fairbanks icon!  In 2006, I received the Visitor Ambassador of the Year Golden Heart Award from the Fairbanks Downtown Association.  I see and hear a lot, and people from all over the world have their photo taken with me.

Compliments of If Only…

We aim to make shopping at If Only…a fine store a stellar experience. We provide complimentary packing and shipping at your request. You pay only the postage and insurance.

Upon your purchase of wrapping paper from our exquisite paper selections, we provide complimentary wrapping services and ribbon for your package.

We are happy to provide a private shopping experience for your club, organization, or office. Call us to schedule a time. We also provide personal service for weddings, special events, and information on pens and inks by special arrangement or appointment.