First Friday Event

Steam Punk Ingenuity, Friday July 4, 5-8 pm

photo1 (7)Join us First Friday as we celebrate ingenuity and independence.  Featuring the steam punk designs of Yardbirds artist Rich Kolb.  Yardbirds are constructed from found objects and scrap metal.  Kolb’s steam punk designs are among his most unusual.  Rebecca Morse will play keyboard accordion throughout the event.  She’ll bring you a raft of tunes adapted to the United States from other countries, performing on both the Excelsior AC and Baldoni instruments.  Join in the fun as we serve up ice cream in celebration.

Steampunk Fairbanks Style

Steampunk DisplayWell, who would have thought steampunk would come to If Only?   Not a sci-fi fan, I’m not fully capable of recognizing the sub-genre, but the staff has been abuzz for days planning and prepping for the upcoming First Friday event.  So I thought I’d better do some research and see if I could somehow resonate with the buzz.  Turns out that I can.  Words like retro-futuristic, anachronistic, and art nouveau hit home.  Alternative histories of Victorian Britain and the Wild West intrigue me. In fact, I spend some of my spare time imagining alternative histories.  So I was pumped when staff began dropping off heavy metal objects this morning.  Circles of wire, sprockets, gears, housings, propellers–iron, brass, aluminum, copper.  You name it, it is here.  I watched from my vantage point as they worked magic on the center table in the store.  And the display is AMAZING, to say nothing of the creations of the featured artist, Rich Kolb from Kentucky.  Hand crafted jewelry from Komplott and Alchemy complement his creatures of the deep.

So in  celebration of American Ingenuity this July 4th, we present you with items seen from a different perspective.  Come by and take a look!

Setting Up Steam Punk Display

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My Name is Martha

Martha Outisde 2013 3My name is Martha and I stand by the entrance of If Only…a fine store greeting everyone who enters and those who pass on the street or sidewalk.
I’m on the street during the hours the store is open, rain or shine, 90 degrees or 45 below zero.  I’ve become a Fairbanks icon!  In 2006, I received the Visitor Ambassador of the Year Golden Heart Award from the Fairbanks Downtown Association.  I see and hear a lot, and people from all over the world have their photo taken with me.

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